The official definition of “feminist” is a person who tries to achieve change that helps women to get equal opportunities and treatment. Can you be a feminist if you’re not trying to achieve change? If you only believe change is good and people should have equal rights, but you’re not actually doing anything to bring this about, are you a feminist? Not if you’re going by the dictionary definition.

By that definition, no man would ever be considered feminist. Although there have been a select few politicians who’ve passed laws in favor of women and were male. They deserve respect. Deserved, because it doesn’t seem any are still alive. Equality between the sexes is not on the agenda of any leading international politician at present.

A feminist would be someone who volunteers at a local shelter for battered women, for example, who helps them realize they are people too and they can take control of their lives. A feminist will speak up when she hears a sexist joke, voice criticism…and that would be most welcome given how much hate against women is circulating everywhere. It’s all over social media, which is being used for vile purposes much like everything that was created with good intentions in mind. There are so many sexist tweets and posts.

A feminist would flag these, comment about how negative and unappreciated they are, generally react in some way, not just ignore them. By ignoring stuff like this, you’re perpetuating a cycle of hatred and ignorance.

One would think it’s obvious that people deserve to be treated equally. It seems obvious to me because we don’t choose to be born the way we are. We don’t choose to be born female, black, Asian, handicapped, in the city, in the country, in a rich or a poor country.