Should Feminists Watch Lesbian Porn?

Pornography and feminism are two topics that have perpetually seemed to be at loggerheads with each other. Pornography has been part of our lives since that one time we flipped through playboy magazines. This exhibition of sexual activity is not something that should be frowned upon. People have the right to explore and enjoy various types of porn, including lesbian porn.

It all boils down to the definition of who is a feminist. A feminist is a person who believes in equality between men and women. Most porn, however, is produced primarily for men. It was initially created for men by men. Where the female body was used as an object of pleasure for men. A feminist would fundamentally disagree with the degrading of women through gangbanging, hardcore sex and everything in vporn where spit flies.

The camera is usually angled to fully display the woman and has her staring right in the face of the camera, making unrealistic noises. On the other hand, men’s faces don’t have to be shown to maybe avoid disturbing the male viewer or prevent threats of homo-eroticism. The idea behind feminism is to give men and women equal opportunities, but this is not the case here. This is what you would find on sites such as vporn. This use of women as an object of pleasure disgusts many feminists.

But lesbian porn is not about spreading your legs for men. It is the act of one woman pleasing another, the audience could either be male or female but what matters is that this time, one wouldn’t say that lesbian porn is an object of pleasure for men. It’s like a performance, men like it and enjoy too, women love it too. It seems like some sort of feminist porn, where there is no sense of anyone being degraded to please the other. Pleasure is what matters most here, as it should be in every kind of porn.

But we are all wired differently. Any feminist should enjoy watching lesbian porn. Even though there is a lot of non-feminist porn out there, feminism should not stand against one’s desires or make someone feel so ashamed of something that is, honestly, out of our control. We shouldn’t feel ashamed for something so natural. Things are very different in the bedroom. A feminist should watch whatever kind of porn they like. There is a ton of porn on vporn that offers a sense of empowerment, education, and fun, from a woman’s perspective.