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The Red Tent Women's Project Survey

We're conducting a (relatively) brief survey in order to figure out what kind of actvities to have at the Red Tent Women's Project, and to find out basic info about who's interested in what we're doing. By answering the questions below, you'd be giving us a LOT of help and insight into what needs to be done.

See, we're committed to being an organization that is run by community input. What does that mean? That means that you decide what happens at the Red Tent Women's Project.

So if you suggest a workshop on crocheting, then we will do our best to put together a workshop on crocheting. If you want a support group on divorce, then we will set up a support group on divorce. Get the picture?

Let's begin!

Where do you live?
Staten Island
Outside of NYC
Which neighborhood?
Which subway/bus lines do you use most often?
Which of the following activities do you do? Please check all that apply.
Participate in a support group
Part of a book club
Member of a professional association
Member of a cooperative (e.g. Park Slope Food Coop)
Take care of your family
Part of a political group
Part of an activist organization
Part of a religious organization
Part of a racial or ethnic organization
Volunteer your time
Take part in civic engagement or other organization
Work full-time
Work part-time
How often do you attend workshops or lectures?
More than once per week
Once per week
More than once per month
Once per month
A few times a year
Once a year
Are you a member of a social networking website, such as MySpace, Facebook, or Friendster? Please check all that apply.
I'm not a member of a social networking website
What other social networking websites are you a member of?
How often do you check your social networking website(s)?
More than 5x per day
2x per day
Couple of times a week
Couple of times per month
Never, I forget that I'm a member
Never, I'm not a member
If you are a member of a social networking website, what made you join? Check all that apply.
A friend invited me
I heard about it from a news story/other website
I like being part of a community
I wanted to see what this social networking thing was all about
What other reasons did you join your social networking website?
If you are a member of a social networking website, what makes you check the website?
If you're not a member of a social networking website, why not?
So here's the fun part! Here are some activities people have said they'd be interested in attending at Red Tent Women's Project. What do you think? Please check all that apply.
Book group
Alternative health workshops
Culture-specific activities
Cross-culture activities
Dialogue on issues (e.g. race, feminism, politics, globalization, etc.)
Childbirth education classes
Nutrition workshops
Advocacy (e.g. how to communicate with elected officials)
Public speaking
Legal issues (e.g. wills, real estate, health care proxies)
Assertiveness training
How to network
Networking opportunities
Media literacy
Consumer education
Health education (e.g. how to get what you want from your health care provider)
Diabetes management and support
Reproductive health
Information on trafficking of women
Birth control
Documentary film nights
Job interviewing skills
Gardening and other outdoor activities
How to start a non-profit or business
Collaborative events with other non-profits to see what they do
We know that we have a long list, and we also know that you have ideas we've never even thought of! So share 'em. What'd we forget that you'd like to see? Or is there anything that you're so excited about and really, really, REALLY want to attend?
We're curious--odds are that you're part of at least one other organization or institution. What need of yours hasn't been met by something that you're already part of? You can be honest--this is all confidential!
Is there a major area we're missing, either short- or long-term? What do you think? What would you like to see at your women's community organization?
How do you feel about those who identify as male leading workshops affiliated with the Red Tent Women's Project?
Strongly Support
No big deal either way
Strongly Oppose
Would you be interested in organizing or leading an activity at the Red Tent Women's Project? If yes, here's my contact info and here's what I want to do! (Worry not, it'll be separated from the survey, so your responses will still be confidential.)
Okay. So now we have some demographic questions. Please feel free to not volunteer answers if it makes you feel uncomfortable. We're asking for it because it's helpful for when we apply for funding (e.g. grants), and because we want to make sure that a wonderfully diverse group of people is part of the Red Tent Women's Project. So we hope you answer our questions! And remember, this is all totally confidential--we have no clue who's answering what. Thanks!

What language(s) do you speak?

What language(s) do you speak at home?
Do require childcare in order to come to the Red Tent?
What's your age range?
What is your race and/or ethnicity?
What is your religion or spiritual path?
What is your gender?
What is your sexual orientation?
Do you have kids? Please check all that apply.
Yes, one or more under 5 yrs old
Yes, one or more 5-11 yrs old
Yes, one or more 12-18 yrs old
Yes, one or more is all grown up
What's your education situation?
Grammar School
Some high school
High School graduate or equivalent
Vocational/Technical School (2 year)
Some College
College Graduate (Associate's degree)
College Graduate (Bachelor's degree)
Master's Degree (MS)
Doctoral Degree (PhD)
Professional Degree (MD, JD, etc.)
What is your income range?
$15,000 or under
What is your domestic situation or marital status?
Unmarried, without partner
Unmarried, not living with partner
Unmarried, living with partner
Married or registered domestic partner, not living with spouse
Married registered domestic partner, living with spouse
Is there anything else you'd like us to know, about yourself, about what you'd like to see/do at the Red Tent, about the world, or anything at all? If you are interested in volunteering or leading a workshop, let us know at info@redtentwomensproject.org. Like we said, this survey is confidential!