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Every non-profit depends on its community members, supporters, and allies to keep it going and ensure that it is the best organization it can be. We are no different.

Here are ways you can help.

1) Donate now via Network For Good or by sending a check to the address below.
Any amount is valuable and appreciated.

Note: If you are donating through Network for Good, please enter "Red Tent Women's Project" in the designation field so it gets properly directed to us.

Donate through Network for Good

If, on the other hand, you would prefer to send a check, please make it payble to JusticeWorks Community/RTWP and send it to
Red Tent Women's Project
338 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
The reason the check goes to JusticeWorks Community is because they are our fiscal sponsor. The Red Tent Women's Project is a project of JusticeWorks' until we receive our own non-profit status from New York State and the IRS. That way we can receive grants and tax-deductible donations.

2) Throw a houseparty for us! Have some friends over for dinner, and ask them to contribute an amount you think is doable for them in exchange for food and beverages. It's fun and gets all your friends in the same place at the same time! What could be better?

3) Get some flowers for your family, friends and yourself! We've teamed up with FlowerPetal.com, and 12% (!!) of your purchase goes straight to us. So invite some beauty into your life with some flowers, and support us at the same time!

4) Order books from Amazon.com through our website. Click on one of the book links on our home page and Amazon does the rest!

5) To invest your time by offering a workshop contact us at info@redtentwomensproject.org or call 718.866.5859.

6) Recycle your cell phone, pager, and/or PDA! For every phone we recycle, we make a little $$...and we're preserving the environment!

If you would like to know exactly how we will use your generous donation, by all means, contact us!

Just as important as a financial donation, consider donating your time and becoming a Red Tent Women's Project volunteer!

Did you know that the Red Tent Women's Project was started and is run by all volunteers? Even our staff is a volunteer staff! So we know how important volunteers are...and we know how valuable your time is.

What kind of volunteers do we need?
All kinds! We need volunteers to lead workshops and support groups. Got a couple of hours you can spare during the day or evening, and want to spend them in a beautiful, peaceful space? We need attendants for the space. It's spring, so we need volunteers to help us make our garden a beautiful space--now it resembles a jungle!

Why volunteer?
We know why we want you to volunteer--it helps us continue to exist! Here's why we think volunteering for the Red Tent Women's Project is a great idea.

Because volunteers are essential to our existence...and we treat you that way. Many organizations simply don't have the time to show their appreciation, or...dare we say it? don't know how to make people feel like their time is the important commodity it is. Your time won't be wasted--it'll be appreciated!

You are an essential part of the community. Because the Red Tent Women's Project prides itself on being non-hierarchical and values all input, you'll never feel like your thoughts or opinions aren't valued...because they are. If you make a suggestion, it'll be heard...and probably implemented.

You're joining a great community. We're creating a women's community center, and the people involved--staff, Board, people who come to the workshops and the space--are awesome. Come join us!

You can join the Board of Directors. One of the things we want to do is encourage more women to be leaders. Board members are the leaders of non-profit organizations. They direct policy for the organization, make sure that it's doing what it's supposed to be doing (i.e. walking its talk), and do what needs to be done for the organization to continue. Did you know that women comprise 45% of non-profit boards? And that...wait for it...people of color make up 15% of non-profit boards (African-Americans account for 10%). We want to see both of those numbers increase!

For more information, or to volunteer, contact us. We're excited to hear from you!